SNAPP HAPPY is a way of thinking

Did you know you have a choice in how you think, feel and behave?

Do you want to ignite your passion for life and supercharge your positivity?

You can learn how to build self belief, increase confidence and strengthen resilience using our simple trademark technique; STOP SNAPP SMILE™ is based on a gold standard approach to treating anxiety called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT evidences that using a band on your wrist can help you retrain your thinking, consciously building new neural pathways to create a more positive response. Snapp Happy bands are available in a range of vibrant colours to suit your individual style.

Positivity Principles


Positivity Principles underpin our range of programmes, providing simple and effective steps to create lasting change. By making the Positivity Principles part of your daily routine, the compound effect can transform all areas of your life, empowering you to thrive and achieve your goals!


Become aware of negative thoughts and habits and STOP them in their tracks


SNAPP your band to change the thought patterns and break the habits


Replace the thought or habit with a positive action, thought or image that makes you SMILE

We can help you create healthy minds and embed a culture of positivity and emotional wellbeing through our range of workshops and programmes designed to meet your specific needs: from schools and clubs to coaches and corporates!

My 8 year old son, is a Beautiful boy, but he has a few issues with his behaviour.  We decided to get him a Snapp Happy band after hearing about it through Rotunda College. I spoke to him and asked if he would like to try it to see if it would help. So he agreed, he picked a blue one- no other colours would compliment his Everton kit! He used it mainly in school where most of his outbursts were. School agreed to ley him wear it. After a few weeks we discussed if it was working- He said he snapped it when he got angry. Anyway a few months on and he's a lot calmer.....

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I have worked in car finance sales for 4 years, we deal with daily knock backs, targets and the pressure that comes with sales on a monthly basis. I began to use my Snapp Happy band and introduce more positive thinking into my work life and the results speak for themselves.
I have been one of the top within my team for many months now and find myself having a much more resilience and an upbeat approach if I face negativity or rejection. I am grateful for the information Snapp Happy provides on a daily basis, from motivational quotes to free videos and I will continue to use my band, and support the Happy Army in and out of the workplace....

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I tripled my business in 2 weeks and I put it down to using my beautiful Gold Snapp Happy band!
I work on gynaecology at Preston Royal Hospital. I am in the process of opening my own clinic to help rehabilitate people and their families through trauma, poor health and chronic illnesses. The Snapp Happy technique and way of thinking would be an incredible service I could carry forward in my clinics...

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Wow....this is a life changer! I am a trained Movement Psychotherapist and work in a child bereavement centre. I also run an international business based around positivity so I was open to trying out this new band as I think it's a great idea but a little skeptical on whether it would work....

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Maia is usually a very bubbly and confident little girl but she has had a few minor issues recently with girls in school and she also gets upset quite often when I drop her off at school because she misses me during the day....

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I absolutely love my Snapp Happy band. I dont know where I would be without it (I know this sounds dramatic but its true!) I am a lawyer full time and also run my own buisness from home. I struggle at times with negative thoughts and often catch myself worrying, but the Snapp Happy band has made me very aware of my thoughts which in turn has helped me to control them....

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I love the Snapp Happy Band and the Stop:Snapp:Smile technique. I am a practicing Senior Clinical Psychologist with more than a decade’s experience of working within the NHS with adults with mental health difficulties. I see first hand in my work how our thoughts can influence what we do and how we feel.
Negative thoughts can get in the way of us becoming our best selves. In my work I also see how becoming aware of our thoughts so we can change them has a huge benefit on our wellbeing and quality of life....

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Snapp Happy had the first slot of the day at our school on an INSET day straight after Christmas - a tough gig I am sure you will agree!
I had wanted to start the New Year coming together as a group to motivate and inject some positivity into us all after a fairly long break away from work and before the start of a full-on day of training for staff and neither Carol-Ann or Jo disappointed....

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My Snapp Happy band is great. When my mind was focused on the negativity going on in my life, one wee ping made me focus on a positive so quickly - I felt some people were ignoring me and I couldn't understand what I had done, but I changed that by looking at those people around that made me happy....

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I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Snapp Happy! Since I've purchased my Snapp Happy band I havent had a single panic attack. Every time I've felt anxiety, instead of letting it boil over and dwelling on it, which then leads to a panic attack, snapping the band has helped me acknowledge the problem and be in control of the problem and deal with it there and then....

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What if i fail? 

You will have no doubt have head these four words echoing around in your head at somepoint in your life, it has certinly ran through mine...on more than one occasion!

This kind of question can temporarily paralise us, especially when we are about to try something new, or for example step into an exam, give a presentation or do something that requires us to step out of our comfort zone. 

Our brains are wired to protect us from harm and discomfort, it's ok for us to ask ourselves this question, infact it's healthy to do so from time to time! 
But when we find ourselves asking this kind of question and jumping straight to a negative conclusion or presumption, this can cause chaos in our minds and stop us from moving forward and trying new things.

So what can we do if, or should I say WHEN we catch ourselves asking this kind of question? 

Follow it with this simple question...."What's the worst that can happen?"

This gives you the chance to explore different options, if something doesnt go to plan, what are the possible outcomes? Chances are, they won't be half as daunting in reality as it felt in your head! And you now have the opportunity to think about what you could do to prevent such things happening. If it turns out that the possible outcome is out of your control, remember this saying...

"You can't control the uncontrollable"

This short and simple saying has helped me through many challenges over the years! It's a gentle reminder that some things in life are simply out of our control, but what we can control is how we choose to respond to the situation.

On the flip side of asking "What's the worst that can happen?" we may find that infact, the possible outcome may not be at all what we feared! It may lead to a positive outcome or at least be something that we can learn from.

Another thing to remind yourself is that you can only do your best, your best is your best! When facing exams nerves for example, it is key to remember that as long as you give it your best shot, that is all you can ask of yourself. 

Looking after your mind and body is a key factor, getting plenty of rest and sleep is great for calming nerves and fuelling your body with nutritious whole foods and lots of water is a great way to ensure you are clear headed and ready to think rationally. 
Yes, we often want to fuel ourselves with caffiene and sugar as this gives us a "quick fix" of feeling focused and alert, but these kinds of stimulants alter our physiological state along with our mental state.  Avoid too much caffiene and fast-foods and stock up on what we call "brain fuel", you know the type!  

We do of course have to recommend wearing your Snapp Happy band and using the simple STOP * SNAPP * SMILE technique, yes the bands look pretty awesome with the huge range of colours now available and did someone say sparkly unicorn band??!! 

But in all seriousness, the CBT technique that underpins the Snapp Happy bands is a fantastic tool for overcoming those negative thoughts, habitual questions and doubts that we often find ourselves having. 
Recognise the thought such as "What if I fail?"

STOP the thought and SNAPP your band to interupt the thought pattern, then simply remplace the thought with something empowering such as "I can do this" or "What if I succeed?" 

This begins to re-train your thinking and when practiced, like anything, it will begin to become a new habit and create a more positive, optimistic mindset!

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Snapp Happy is not a substitute for professional medical advice or prescribed medication. Our approach is designed to enable people to increase their positivity and achieve their goals through re-training thought processes using a Snapp Happy Band and our trademarked technique STOP SNAPP SMILE

If your difficulties are severe and persistent please consult your GP or a registered mental health professional.

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